Hi! My name is Françoise. I am the author of the children’s adventure book ’Breakfast At Jupiter.’ My interests include writing, art, and of course listening to and reviewing music. Here you will find detailed album and song reviews, music lists and much more. If you want me to review your music, see the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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12 New Music Discoveries – November 2022

Cherry Blossoms In Kyoto – Jade Ashtangingi Dallas-based Jade Ashtangini has released her beautiful track ‘Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto’. And if you think the title of the song is beautiful enough, wait until you hear the piano sequences -conjuring imagery, emotions and an atmosphere you’ve never felt before. You can listen to the song here:Continue reading “12 New Music Discoveries – November 2022”

Seetali Gives Us A Cinematic Experience With ‘Walked Away’

“It’s crisp and beautiful, holding so much power and emotion. ‘Walked Away’ by Seetali is bound to get anyone tapping into their feelings.” Seetali – producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist – has recently teamed up with singer Alana Shrives to give rise to a distinguished melody possessing a disarming quality, enabling an enchanting connection between theContinue reading “Seetali Gives Us A Cinematic Experience With ‘Walked Away’”

My Giddy Aunt Reassure Us That ‘All Things Come In Time’

“I love how the whole of ‘All Things Come In Time’ feels personal to members of My Giddy Aunt, whilst also channelling relatability and sending specific messages to the listeners through the music.” Best known for their curly hair and indie rock sound, My Giddy Aunt has followed up their trio of singles this yearContinue reading “My Giddy Aunt Reassure Us That ‘All Things Come In Time’”

Olivier Laurent Shares His Second Album ‘Lavi Bon’

“It’s observable even upon first listen of ‘Lavi Bon’ that Olivier Laurent has a great ability to create intrigue and fulfil this on each and every song of the album.” New York based musician Laurent has reappeared with his second album ‘Lavi Bon’, releasing brilliant singles over the course of two years to create aContinue reading “Olivier Laurent Shares His Second Album ‘Lavi Bon’”


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