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Alt-Indie Rock Band NERiMA’s Second Single Home: A Review


A beautiful song with beautiful lyrics that tell the story of someone desperately trying to help a friend escape the place they call home.

This Soft-rock Indie track Home by Canadian Alt Band NERiMA was released back in January 2021, and since then it has amassed an amazing 8,000 listens on Spotify and 500 views on Youtube.

The band creates a tranquil heartfelt atmosphere on this song, perfectly syncing the calming vocals with a guitar centred sound so that we can see elements of Soft Rock, Dream Pop and hints of Modern Psychedelia. On top of this, the melody displays a sense of sympathy from the main perspective through articulate, somewhat rhetorical questions such as ’Is it hard falling into dreams every night?’ and ‘So how’s it feel taking every pointed sword?’, making the lyrics all the more relatable.

Alexi, the lead vocalist of NERiMA, captioned the Instagram post that announced Home had been released, saying “The song we released today is one of my favourite songs I’ve written for the band, as well as the product of a lifelong dream of finally recording in a studio. We’re unbelievably excited for all to hear this, so thank you for everything friends.”

Whilst the vocals have that same relaxing effect that Clairo’s vocals do, and the song has hints of 90s Rock Royalty The Cranberries, NERiMA have certainly brought something new to the Indie/Alt table, by blending passionate, figurative lyrics and serene, soothing sounds together.

You can listen to the song here:

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Also check out where you can get tickets to the show they are headlining on Friday 14th January 2022.

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