Uplifting Melodic Indie Rock Band Nuntio Send Out Another Positive Message With Single Never Alone

A joyful tune with reassuring lyrics that could help anyone going through a tough time.

These days many people seem to think that Christian music is dull and formulaic, but Faroese Christian band Nuntio have proved this theory wrong. In September 2021, they released their single Never Alone as a way to help their friends – and listeners – with the trials and hardships they are going through. The song has already managed to rack up a spectacular 45,249 listens, with people all over the world streaming their music! And along with this new release, they made themselves a new logo by taking a galactic photo with their name in the centre, so that their positive message can spread to everyone everywhere:

It turns out that Nuntio means ’announcement’ or ’to announce’ in Latin.

The song begins with an upbeat intro made up of a variety of guitar sounds. This cheerful intro then mellows slightly to welcome euphonic, versatile vocals that are captivating in the slower verses and energetic in the faster choruses.

Upon asking the band more about the message surrounding Never Alone, they said ”The idea for the song came to me earlier this year after noticing people I know (friends and family) struggling with various things such as hardships, illness and so on. Even if you might not have the solution, just being there for someone is often the very best you can do.”

They continued, ”A friend of mine lost his sister to cancer this year and another friend failed her final exam….so yeah, it is a song about supporting each other through hard times.” Never Alone was also coincidentally released in time for World Mental Health day. The heartfelt message this song has nicely reflects this through lyrics like ’I will never be alone, when you are by my side’ and ’But I know that the storm will one day pass.’

As the song progresses, I can hear shades of American New wave band Interpole along with elements of Idlewild – the criminally underrated Post-Britpop five piece from Scotland. They managed to blend these classic Indie sounds with their own to create enjoyable, melodic music with a heartfelt message.

You can listen to the song here: (Make sure to follow Nuncio on Spotify):

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