The Top 7 Most Underrated Tracks Of All Time – According To My Dad

Criminally underrated were his exact words.

In no particular order with direct quotes from my dad:

7. Floodlit World by Ultrasound

“Released in Spring of 1999, is this the most underrated rock song of all time? With borderline hysterical vocals, fantastic riffs and a soaring chorus, it’s scarcely believable that this song barely charted. Perhaps because they didn’t have the same image as bands of the same time, such as Blur or Oasis.”

6. Kids by Current Joys

“Nicholas Foster Rattigan is involved with lots of different projects and bands, but this is his best song – a chugging Indie-Rock classic with great lyrics.”

5. Science Of The Seasons by Russian Futurists

“Probably too weird to break into the mainstream, this is the Canadian band’s best song. In an alternative universe with more justice, this would have been number one for weeks on end.”

4. Falling Into Me by Let’s Eat Grandma

“Jenny Hollingworth and Rosa Walton, a unique pop duo from Norwich, released this single back in 2018. This should have been all over the radio and a massive chart hit.”

3. Losing you by Boy Pablo

“Norwegian youtube sensation Boy Pablo gained some fame with his song ’Everytime’ but Losing you is clearly his best song. It got to number 2 on the Norwegian charts, but should have been a worldwide smash.”

2. Bibi Plone by Plone

“Possibly the strangest song on the list, this was released in 1999 and sounds like a circus tune in a Nintendo game. However it is impossible to not be addicted to the sound of Plone, who don’t sound like anyone one else who came before or after them.”

1. Shorley Wall by Ooberman

“Despite being named single of the year 1998 by The Times, this wasn’t a chart hit. Which, when you listen to it, is obviously a pop tragedy. Is this the best unsuccessful pop song of all time? This song should have 100 million views on youtube.”

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