The 7 Best 80s Songs Sung By Duos – According To My Mum

Part 2 of the parent-inspired posts.

In no particular order with direct quotes from my mum:

Head Over Heels By Tears For Fears

“Not only my favourite song from an 80s pop duo but probably my favourite song of all time. There are so many good lyrics to choose but my favourite is probably ’You keep your distance with a system of touch, and gentle persuation.”

I Can’t Go For That By Hall And Oates

“Formed in 1970, Hall And Oates are one of the best Yacht Rock or Blue-eyed Soul bands. Their greatest success came in the 1980s. The bass line on this song is so recognisable and Daryl Hall’s vocals are like velvet. This is also their most sampled song, what with De La Soul using it for Say No Go and Simply Red for Sunrise.”

King In A Catholic Style By China Crisis

“I love this upbeat song by this duo from Liverpool. I could never work out what the song was about but loved the title and the tuneful melody. How did this song only reach no.19 in the charts?”

Suburbia By Pet Shop Boys

“I didn’t take much notice of the Pet Shop Boys until they released their fourth single Suburbia from their debut album Please. The serious message of disaffected youth contrasts with the Pet Shop Boys pop synth sound.”

Club Tropicana By Wham

“It was difficult to pick my favourite song from Wham as it could have been any of them. The Intro is genius and leads straight into the lyrics ’Let me take you to a place where membership is a smiling face.’ This instantly transports you to a sunny island in the Mediterrean. And George Michael’s voice is flawless as always.”

Messages By OMD

“One of the best opening lyrics is in this heartbreak song: ‘It worries me this kind of thing, how you hope to live alone and occupy your waking hours’. It also features a melodic synth break instead of a sung chorus.”

Don’t Go By Yazoo

“The brilliant pairing of Vince Clark and Alison Moyet gives us a fantastic synth-pop classic which charted at no.3. It just makes you want to dance around the room or is that just me?”

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