7 Brilliant Bands From Around The World That Have Released Music In The Last Year

From the Faroe Islands, Canada, Egypt and more!


Founded in Paris in 2012, L’Imperatrice are a six piece pop nu-disco electro band. Despite Charles de Boisseguin being the founder of the group, the lead vocalist is in actual fact singer Flore Benguigui who joined in 2015. Their latest album Tako Tsubo was released in March 2021. Flore’s angelic vocals switch between English and French, and include a whisper-like effect on some tracks; similar to the likes of Doja Cat and Natalie Prass.


Phoebe Rings

Phoebe Rings are relatively new to the music scene, being formed in 2019. The New Zealand Dream Pop, Jazz sounding 4 member band released a self-titled EP last year, with singles such as January Blues and Lazy Universe included on the project. The group explained that Phoebe Ring is the largest outer ring of Saturn, which reflects their music that lead vocalist Crystal Choi described as ’very spacey’.


You may have heard of this name before if you’ve seen my review on this Canada-based teen band who released their single Home in January 2021. It’s unusual to find a new band these days that has already found their own sound, but NERiMA’s music seems to already have advanced production for their unique vocals and lyrics. All because of these delicate, crystal-like vocals and passionate relatable lyrics, NERiMA are now moving on to even bigger projects, such as headlining a show this year on January 14th.


Nuntio is another name you may have heard of from my reviews. Last year the Faroese Indie-Rock Musicians presented their fans with some feel-good music to comfort them during rough times. Whether it be the pre-chorus or the bridge, Nuntio provided Jovial melodies and lyrics with harmonic vocals to match. Never Alone and This Is Not The End would be spectacular lead singles for a potential new album.


Tripulación De Omos

After releasing singles Kilimanjaro and Ariel in 2020, Tripulación De Osos – Latin American Rock band from Ecuador – pleasantly surprised their fans with an 6-track EP titled Un Futuro Mejor, translating in English to ’A better Future’. To best describe the calming sound the band have created on tracks like Luana and Kilimanjaro, I would call the genre Neo-Psychedelia, with hints of Chillwave.


Boy Pablo

Boy Pablo are another band that have been featured several times on my blog, as me and my parents are big fans who attended his Wachito Rico Tour in September last year. Nicolas Muñoz, the frontman of the Bedroom Pop sensation, has released one album and five EPs alongside his bandmates Eric, Gabriel, Sigmund and Henrik since his Norwegian chart hit Everytime gained media attention on Youtube. The tranquillising melodies in these projects are accompanied by acoustic instruments, constructing unforgettable tunes that every aspiring artist would wish they came up with.



Naheli are an Egyptian/German duo with prog leanings, who now make atmospheric pop. Symbiotic, the single from their recent album Chemistry And Reevaluation, could almost be a Lady Gaga single, nicely mirroring her strong artistic vocals and dramatic beat. This chart-worthy tune honestly deserves to be a huge commercial pop hit.

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