5 Musicians To Look Out For In 2022

Every year at least five completely new artists enter the UK charts, bringing something new and fresh with them. For example last year there was Griff, whose heartbreak single Black Hole reached number 18 in The UK Top 40. In 2020, we were introduced to Glass Animals, who landed themselves a top 10 hit. This was a massive milestone for an Indie band of the time. Through these hits, both new artists managed to place their albums in the top 5.


Photo: @becksxcreative

North Londoner Alt R&B singer Toryia amassed a large audience of 15k followers on Instagram last year due to her debut single on Spotify Outspoken, which explores a range of modern dream-like sounds alongside relatable lyrics of uncertainty and hopelessness. Toryia’s new single Focused is set to be released soon on the 28th January, and after hearing her first single I can definitely see her landing herself her first UK chart hit.

You can listen to Outspoken here:

Chris River

After the chart success of British music producer Nathan Dawe, many similar style artists such as Noizu and Shane Codd are following suit. Chris River, one of Dance music’s esteemed DJs, entertained his fans with several 2021 collaborations like Mirrors and Gravity, and has even started off the year with a new single titled Tropical, where he paired up with 2017 music success Rhett Fisher. If Chris River keeps up the consistency this year, it looks like he might earn himself a place or two in the UK Top 40.

You can listen to Tropical here:

Alana Maria

2021 was a fantastic year for R&B artist Alana Maria, who released her first EP and another single in December with English rapper Cristale. She seems to know her sound, collaborating with artists like Midas The Jagaban and Kranium who happen to massively compliment her hazy, distinct vocals and and utopian musical nature. Shortly after announcing the end of her UK tour, Alana Maria shared snippets of unreleased songs for 2022, which sound as if they are going to be even more successful than her previous hits.

You can listen to her latest single here:

Claudia Kate

It looks as if the perfect blend of Lily Allen and 2021 solo success Holly Humberstone entered the music scene 3 years ago and has been making exciting music ever since. South London singer-songwriter Claudia Kate released her debut album a damn good place to start in May 2021, covering serious topics in a light-hearted, relatable way through frustrated, sometimes metaphorical lyrics. She hasn’t mentioned anything about a new EP or album yet, but a damn good place to start reflects it’s own name in terms of Claudia’s success.

You can listen to her single Fat here:

Isaac Saierre

Verified artist on Spotify Isaac Saierre from Yorkshire managed to overlap Hip Hop, R&B and Pop on his latest album Summer Baby with his crisp versatile vocals. It’s easy to imagine this rising musician as a pop star, merely just for his style and voice, but it looks as if his lyrics and sophisticated sounds could massively contribute to the music industry.

You can listen to his title track here:

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