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5 Dream Pop Musicians You Need To Know About



Launched in 2017 by founding member Sloan Christian Struble from Texas, Dayglow are often mistaken as a solo act. Struble, despite being the sole member and recording and remixing everything himself, labels Dayglow as a band due to having performing members. Their debut album Fuzzybrain was released in 2018 featuring the track Can I Call You Tonight? and amassing over 296 million streams on Spotify. Their second album Harmony released in February 2021 has a late 1970s soft rock pop sound with hints of French pop band Phoenix’s album Alphabetical.


Chicago quintet Varsity began in 2013 at a party where vocalist and keyboard player Stef Smith invited long term friends and guitarists Pat Stanton and Dylan Weschler. Later they welcomed brothers Jake Stolz and Paul Stolz who play drums and bass for the band. Their latest single Directly Down is a collaboration with Indie band Central Heat Exchange which creates a unique sound accompanied by a collection of nature-inspired analogies.

Bored At My Grandma’s House

Leeds based 19-year-old singer songwriter Amber Strawbridge, more famously known as Bored At Grandma’s House, created a Lo-fi sound influenced by Slowdive on her debut EP Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too. Her stage name derived from her making tunes to upload to Soundcloud when staying with her grandma. Bored At Grandma’s House’s most recent single China Doll was single-handedly recorded by Amber herself at home with a little help from her dad who played the violin.


Linnea Siggelkow, also known as ellis, is a singer songwriter from Ontario, Canada. Seeing Avril Lavigne on tv playing Complicated changed her life musically, being her first memory of a girl with an electric guitar. ellis’ debut album Born Again was released back in 2020. Whilst the title suggests positivity, most of the songs carry a sad and melancholy aura.

Boy Pablo

I have mentioned Boy Pablo multiple times on my blog, but I could not write a dream pop article without mentioning them. Formed in 2015, the group have released many projects since like EP Roy Pablo and 2018 album Soy Pablo, but their latest release Wachito Rico that contains the likes of Hey Girl and Honey has to be their best project yet.

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