Louis McTeggart Emblazons Nostalgia On Upcoming Single ‘I Used To Dance’

It’s not often you find a song with a detailed interesting story that comes alongside it, but Louis McTeggart has given us a whole book with this delicate tune.

After watching a heartwarming viral video of ex-ballerina Marta Gonzalez dancing along to Swan Lake in a care home during 2020, Louis McTeggart was truly inspired to write a song that could capture this emotional moment. With reminiscing lyrics and eloquent vocals, it’s incredible how Louis can express another’s perspective so passionately.

Through phrases like I used to glide, some nights I’d fly, McTeggart symbolises the graceful movements of the dancer, along with a gentle acoustical to amplify this elegant balletic imagery. Parallel to this, soon after these lyrics are softly sung, the music video displays a ballerina dancing along in the background. When asked about I Used To Dance, Louis relates to this storytelling message, saying: “I hope the song and its subject matter could unite people and inspire them in the same way Marta inspired me.”

Perpetual falsettos construct the bridge followed by a soothing whispered chorus that brings the song to the end. This leaves us with an emotional atmosphere that causes us to evaluate another’s life story, just like Louis McTeggart did himself.

The song isn’t officially out yet (but will be on the 28th of January!) but you can listen to it here on youtube:

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