12 New Musical Discoveries This Month – January 2022

Geronimo —> House On Fire

Liverpool based band House On Fire deliver an upbeat Indie Pop song for their first ever single. The song has been pretty successful so far, considering it was only released this month, but it’s clear that this chart-worthy song deserves more attention.

Bliss —> KIIRA

Swiss-American singer KIIRA begins her latest single Bliss with an acoustic intro, clearly unafraid to try out different sounds with her music. Her dreamy vocals on this song are enough to make you listen to her entire discography, and are accompanied by an engaging beat.

Off The Ground —> Mojo Nova

There is no doubt you’ll be captivated by this enthralling new single by Filipino quartet Mojo Nova, who have managed to incorporate a fast tempo verse, a slow tempo verse and a rap all into one song, blending several decades of music together.

Losing You —> Stephen Dawes

Indie artist Stephen Dawe released his somewhat dream pop single this week, creating a relatable atmosphere through an electronic acoustic mix that I now can’t get out of my head.

Myone —> eery

eery takes us on a trip back to the late 90s with this R&B track. Not only did we receive this track this week but we also received a whole album full of songs with this intriguing, unique style.

Wrong Answers Only —> The Streets

Mike Skinner returns to the music scene with another exciting UK garage hit, following his 2020 album None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive. The song is a collaboration with South London singer and rapper Master Peace.

Moderation —> Cate Le Bon

Welsh musician and producer Cate Le Bon released a couple of songs under the name of Remembering You this month, consisting of ethereal melodies. The single Moderation seems to have gained the most attention so far, filled with angelic harmonies and idyllic sounds.

Stop And Listen —> Honey Moon

If you’re looking for an 80s tune with a modern twist, then Stop And Listen by Indie trio Honey Moon is just the song for you. Stop And Listen embraces a fantastic vocal range, fascinating instrumentals and advanced musical techniques: everything you need to make a cheerful, memorable melody.

Butterfly —> Blue Hawaii

Butterfly by electro-pop duo Blue Hawaii manages to be a mix of everything, from dance to Indie. The electrifying vocals are what makes the song so enchanting, as if it could be apart of a fantasy film.

Someday —> Two Another

Someday is one of those songs that is shrouded in nostalgia. The British American duo produce anecdotal lyrics that somehow are still relatable for some, allowing different listeners’ perspectives to fit the song.

Miss You —> Moonlight Breakfast

Multi-genre band Moonlight Breakfast assemble feelings of yearning and wistfulness on their latest single Miss You. The song has a variety of styles, with Dream Pop, Disco and Neo-soul just being a few.

Elephant Gun —> Beirut

It looks as if six-piece band Beirut have created their own semantic field with their 2022 album Artefacts, with the music, title and cover art all mirroring each other to amplify this ancient atmosphere. This ‘ancient atmosphere’ is captured most in the single Elephant Gun.

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