Singer Songwriter Love Itoya Captivates Us With R&B Soul Single Reminiscing You

Love Itoya truly expresses wistfulness on this track through storytelling lyrics and impressive vocals

Love Itoya launches into ‘Reminiscing You’ with heavenly harmonies, already showcasing her wide vocal range. The first line Why every time I close my eyes I think about you mirrors the title perfectly, encapsulating that sense of reminiscence and nostalgia.

These flawless, glistening vocals and relatable lyrics are surrounded by a soothing R&B instrumental which compliments the anecdotal atmosphere of the song. In an instagram post announcing the release of her EP Introduction, Love Itoya said “This EP is all about Self-Growth, True Story, Maturity & My own life experiences” and we can definitely see this in ‘Reminiscing You’ particularly through phrases like That was a part of you I’ve never seen, being so sensitive and worried about me and Why can’t I get over the picture of us baby which show her exploring the emotions and feelings of herself as well as other people.

The fact that Introduction is Love Itoya’s first EP is absolutely unbelievable as usually an artist’s first release is not this advanced in terms of vocal ability and production. She clearly knew exactly what ambience and feeling she wanted to present on the EP, using a mixture of fantastic lyrics, exhilarating sounds and immaculate vocals to amplify it.

You can listen to the song here:

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