Thomas Headon’s New Single ‘How Do I Know?’ And His Rapid Rise In The Music Industry

It was a summer afternoon in 2020 when I looked at my recommended songs based on my endless Spotify playlist. I listened to all five songs, but only two made it onto the playlist, one being Excited by Cory Walker and the other being Loving You by Thomas Headon. Cory Walker has unfortunately not released any music since then, but Thomas Headon clearly made plans to have a significant role in the world of Indie Pop.

I found this song at a time when One Direction was almost all I listened to, and after finding out that Thomas Headon is a dedicated fan of Harry Styles, I realised it all made sense. When I had finished listening to One Direction’s discography inside out and back to front and instead chose a few good songs of theirs to add to my new playlist, which consisted of a few other artists like The Weeknd and Lorde, my old playlist was forgotten as my music taste developed, and Loving You got lost in this maze of music.

Here you can see Loving You surrounded by multiple One Direction (and solo) songs.

Then a few weeks ago I was scanning through my old playlist whilst playing a music game with my dad, where we had to take it in turns to play each other a song we thought the other would like. I came across Loving You, remembering how much I loved that song, and played it to him. It was his favourite song I had played out of roughly seven songs.

Later that evening I turned on the music channels, an MTV channel to be precise. The song had an upbeat pop rock melody, and perfect vocals even though it was played live. Both me and my dad thought the song was great, and a little different to what you usually hear on the music channels. We patiently waited to find out who was singing, and to our surprise it was Thomas Headon with his latest song at the time Nobody Has To Know.

A couple of days later another song was playing on the music channels by Indie star Alfie Templemen and Bedroom Pop singer Chloe Moriondo, but there was another voice I recognised. Me and my dad again thought the song was good, waiting to find out who was singing. It was Thomas Headon yet again.

We couldn’t escape this guy – not that I wanted to. What I did instead was find his Spotify and realised how much I had missed in the past year, such as his 2021 duet with Lizzy McAlpine Bored which amassed over 4 million streams, or his November single Strawberry Kisses. However I did come along just in time for Headon’s latest track How Do I Know?.

How Do I Know? appears to be the epitome of Thomas Headon’s sound, blending all of his past music into one. We can hear elements, of Indie, Rock, Pop and so much more in this addictive new track, possibly foreshadowing the sound of Headon’s upcoming EP Victoria which is set to be released in March.

I think it’s clear that Thomas Headon has already become apart of the niche of Indie artists who dominate British Indie/Alt music charts, which includes the likes of Holly Humberstone and ENNY, especially considering he has been nominated for MTV’s Push UK and Ireland Award, which EDM sensation Nathan Dawe won last year. Maybe Thomas Headon will do a Sam Fender, and earn himself a top 5 hit, helping bring Indie music back to the charts.

You can listen to How Do I Know? here:

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