Alexandra Alden Enchants Us With Indie Folk Album ‘Leads To Love’

On this album we are bestowed with a fantastic range of sounds and exceptional melodies.

Alexandra Alden automatically acquaints us with the distinctive acoustic folk sound that surrounds Leads To Love in the opening track Ladybird. The song has an unforgettable hook and could easily be the theme tune for a period drama or coming of age series.

One of the most popular tracks on the album Vagabond, amassing over nine thousand streams on Spotify, follows Ladybird. The song starts off in a Lorde Solar Power style with angelic harmonies that continue to appear several times throughout the song, giving it that seraphic feel. It’s undeniable that this catchy melody has an celestial folk-like atmosphere, amplified by guitar instrumentals and nature filled lyrics such as ‘I pulled my roots up and I left, was it for the best?’ and ‘I think I’ll stay here in the clouds, where the birds know how I feel’.

Not For Me To Say is the fourth track on Leads To Love as well as the very first single, released back in August 2021. Alden captioned the post announcing it’s release, saying “In our desire to be there for one another and perhaps even rescue them, one easily forgets themselves. The culprit – making it ‘all about them’ and ‘never about me’. But in reality, no one was made to be a saviour.” The song tells an emotional story of self-reflection, accompanied by a soft electric sound and delicate vocals.

On the title track we feel a much darker atmosphere just from the orchestral sound. The song also shows us many aspects of Alden’s vocal range, displaying high notes, long notes and a range of different tones.

Leads To Love is succeeded by an entrancing tune At The Same Time which showcases a Lana Del Rey esque stripped back verse that fades into a steady guitar beat chorus. I can definitely see this song being a fan favourite.

A few tracks later we hear an emotive piece entitled Traveller, which brings the album to a end. From the title alone we can see that the song signifies Alexandra Alden’s habit of ‘not being able to stay in one place for too long.’ The singer has lived in three different countries and moves house at least once a year. The change in scenery clearly inspires Alden musically, causing her to create an advanced album in terms of lyrics, vocals and production.

You can listen to the album here:

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