Sharl Debuts An Exciting Electro-Pop Sound With Single ‘Let Me Know’

Sharl blends crisp production, hooking melodies and elements of relatability to construct the perfect pop track.

After a long hiatus, Melbourne-based musician Sharl is ready to share her music with the world again, releasing her single Let Me Know on the 28th of January, and planning for the release of her February single That Girl.

Let Me Know explores many themes, such as feelings of rejection and uncertainty. Sharl reveals these emotions through lyrics like ‘Anticipation in my mind, but nothing happens every time’ and ‘Aren’t you frustrated, don’t you hate this’. Sharl chooses topics to sing about that she knows most of her audience will relate to, adding her own anecdotal twist to the lyrics.

One of the first things you notice about the song is how cleverly crafted it is regarding the production. The intro provides us with a faded, slower tempo version of the chorus which leads perfectly into the first verse, gradually adding more and more instruments and sounds to build suspense until the chorus. In this short amount of time we have already seen a wide range of pop sub-genres, dance-pop, electro-pop and synth-pop just being a few.

Somehow despite Let Me Know consisting of multiple current music trends such as beat drops, echoing backing vocals and electronic choruses, there isn’t anything in particular that I can compare to Sharl’s music, making it clear that she has already found her own distinctive sound. The singer has described pop music as her ‘true-calling’ and after hearing this song, there is no way you could argue with that.

You can listen to Let Me Know here:

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