Oktaf Kanis Takes Us On An Alt-Rock Journey With Latest Single ‘Starlight’

Oktaf Kanis gives us an impressive follow up to his previous album, made up of melodies you won’t be able to get out of your head.

After Kanis’ 2021 debut album Living In Infamy (Blue), which uncovers a number of different sounds, the Indonesian musician decided to showcase a drum-acoustic feel on his latest single Starlight.

Right away we hear the track channelling the energy of 90s Brit Pop music. Oktaf Kanis adds his own modern twist, making the song appeal to many different audiences. It’s also not often you hear a musician sing the same lyrics for the first verse and the second verse, but who can blame Kanis for wanting to repeat the best lyrics on the track: ‘I like you wear that shoes, easier to move’.

When discussing the themes/meanings behind Starlight, Oktaf Kanis said that the song “tells of an admiration for someone and then wants to invite (her/him) to reach a starlight which is a symbol of peace”. We can obviously see this through the lyrics of the song, however I believe we can feel this more so through the relaxing instrumental, which mirrors this atmosphere of admiration.

I think what makes this song sound so musically advanced and almost like a classic already is the compelling acoustic hooks that allow us to reunite with 80s and 90s styles, whilst also recognising it as a project that is somewhat ahead of it’s time. Here we have a perfect balance between retro and modern.

You can listen to Starlight here:

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