BENEE: Lychee Review

I was scrolling through the latest albums/EPS on Wikipedia when I came across a name I recognised. A name I was planning on listening to three years ago when I heard her hit Supalonely on the Uk Top 40 (how it only got to eighteen will remain a mystery to me), but 2019 me was stuck listening to my top three artists of the year non stop, forgetting to listen to anything else I discovered. BENEE has come a long way since her international hit, making albums and EPs that have built her a dedicated fanbase. And now that I’ve listened to this fantastic EP, I may have to delve into her discography and become apart of this fanbase.

7. Make You Sick

Favourite lyric: Open up your eyes, darkness will start to rise, like your ego now

Putting this song last isn’t exactly a great way to start this review, considering I have seen a lot of love for it online, from BENEE fans in particular. And rightly so, since musically this is probably the most complex, advanced song on the album, however for me it’s just not the song I enjoyed the most. I think I get a bit lost as there is so much going on in it, but it’s definitely a fascinating first listen.

You can listen to the song here:

6. Soft Side

Favourite lyric: And it’s a shame you’re in the limelight, makes it hard to catch your eyesight

The lyrics clearly carry the song here, capturing a curious wistful feeling perfectly. The electronica production here is amazing too, but I feel as if the melody isn’t as strong as the other songs you’ll see below.

You can listen to the song here:

5. Never Ending

Favourite lyric: You ruin everything you love, go ahead and run somewhere, so it’s never ending for us

Here BENEE puts a electronic twist on a song that would be a ballad for any other singer, and that’s what I adore about it. It somewhat feels more melancholic this way, with the lyrics opposing the instrumental in such a satisfying way.

You can listen to the song here:

4. Hurt You, Gus

Favourite lyric: Think I might keep you if you’d be keen to stay

The tranquility is prevalent here in this soothing melody that will take a seat in each and every one of your playlists. It’s difficult to believe that BENEE has only been in the music industry for five years and only has one album so far, because this song sounds as if it’s been made by an iconic indie artist whose been going for twenty years and keeps releases music that never ages. It makes you wonder how far can someone improve when their music already has a specific style and an advanced sound, and BENEE certainly has both.

3. Doesn’t Matter

Favourite lyric: Although my fears are real, the things I fear are not

A calming mix of Lana Del Rey (honeymoon era) and Billie Eilish (Happier Than Ever era) is displayed here, on top BENEE’s soft and delicate sound that I can’t even begin to describe (except I kind of just did). This song also felt somewhat familiar and I swear I’ve seen the music video before but I can’t think where.

2. Marry Myself

Favourite lyric: A coyote’s staring at me, seems like a scene from a movie, seems like a scene from a movie

What’s so intriguing about this upbeat melody is the meaning behind it, which is certainly not relatable for most, yet it’s anecdotal addition draws us in anyway. I’m actually now sitting here wondering if BENEE has been proposed to and wanted to reject him, not because she didn’t like the guy, but because she wanted to marry herself. Maybe I’m taking this too literally and it’s a little more metaphorical than that, but either way the song is a catchy melodic piece that is impossible not to enjoy.

1. Beach Boy

Favourite lyric: It makes sense, the difference, but what’s distance for?

The feeling of listening to this song for the first time is inexpressible. The relief of finding out it was a single and had it’s own music video was exhilarating too. It’s the moment when you realise that BENEE’s voice feels like a perfect blend of Doja Cat and Lily Allen, two artists I like but never thought I’d put them in a sentence together. BENEE’s voice is definitely going up there in my top ten favourite voices, and this song is definitely going up there in my top ten (actually more like top three) favourite pop songs of the year so far.

You can listen to the song here:

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