The Whimsicles Are ‘Stuck In Rome’

“The Whimsicles have already shown musical maturity with their debut, which is filled with flawless vocals and striking melodies.”

Teen Indie band The Whimsicles released their first EP this week, and each track is an enthralling listen. ‘Stuck In Rome’ manages to travel through countless emotions due to the incredible amount of vocal versatility and instrumental flexibility displayed.

The opening melody ‘Imposter’ is automatically catchy within the first five seconds of hearing it. It cuts straight to rhythmic guitar riffs and crisp vocals soon after. The band claimed that this was their favourite song to play, and to me that’s not surprising because the sound ‘Imposter’ generates feels so unique to them, which is quite unusual for an artist’s first EP.

‘7058’, the second track, is more of a piano ballad than a guitar tune. The intro contains gorgeous piano instrumental, with a chord arrangement that sounds as if it’s been put together by Stevie Wonder himself. Alice, the vocalist and guitarist of The Whimsicles, explained the process of the song, saying “For ‘7085’, I was strumming some random chords on my guitar and I landed on some which I really liked. I saw a wristband on my wall from a funfair some time ago which said ‘7058’ so I started singing random lyrics about it. Luckily I recorded it straight away so I brought it to the band a couple months later and we added cello, bassoon, piano, etc. I’m very proud of it!”

For the final track we are introduced to ‘Wonder Boy’, a beautiful song that tells a story through lyrics of adoration such as He’s the kinda guy who I’ll think about all night and Will he ever know, oh I love him so. Here we hear the perfect blend of electric piano notes and country guitar sounds, which it seemed the band had a lot of fun experimenting with. Millie, the piano and bass player, described the recording sessions, saying “The electric piano was really fun to work with! It gives it a unique and diverse sound. I really enjoyed playing the songs. I’m very excited to learn the bassline of Imposter, for performing, as it has so much depth.”

You can listen to ‘Stuck In Rome’ here:

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