Love Theo Takes Us On A Riveting Ride With His Latest Single ‘Fuzz Bus’

“‘Fuzz Bus’ manages to circulate dozens of sounds and emotions into one, so much so that you feel like you’ve listened to a whole album by the end of it.”

On the 1st of April Utah born musician Love Theo released his highly anticipated single ‘Fuzz Bus’, in which the singer described as “a very dramatic, epic song filled with the emotion and angst of wanting to break free from the prison we have all been born into.” We can see this depth of emotional intensity build up right away in the intro, taking us to the opening lyric ‘I like to find emeralds in your eyes’, planting blissful imagery into our heads.

The build up continues with an electrifying instrumental made up of glittery keyboard sounds and heavy guitar beats. A steady piano follows, alongside an ensemble of poetic lyrics, such as ‘We’re burning in December, running out of lies’. When explaining the meaning of the song, Love Theo said “‘Fuzz Bus’ is a song about growing up in times like these, change, a song about liminal spaces. A liminal space is the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next’. It is a place of transition, a season of waiting, and not knowing.” We can see this concept of time reflected in these lyrics, referencing the past, present and future.

A few notes later and we are acquainted with the title of the song, prior to the melody quickening into a spoken interlude similar to the likes of 90s Lo-Fi band Pavement. This part of the song really seems to pin point the origins of where the song began, with Love Theo releasing his rollercoaster of emotions through high vocals and low vocals, clear relatable lyrics and complex lyrics with double meanings. He expresses this himself further, saying “When writing this song, I had frequently imagined viewing my life and core memories out of the window of a bus. This is the idea of the ‘Fuzz Bus’.”

You can listen to the song here:

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