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The 7 Best Comeback Songs


Hung Up ~ Madonna

Obviously Madonna has always been pretty consistent with her music, however Hung Up was a disco tribute to her earlier music released in the 80s, and she made a number one out of it. It’s also arguably her most memorable hit since Holiday, a track released almost 15 years prior.

Rule The World ~ Take That

When I first thought of this post idea, Rule The World came to mind immediately. The fact that this song was only on the deluxe tour version of their 2006 album Beautiful World shows just how strong it was, landing a place in the UK Top 40 at number two, staying in the charts for 102 weeks.

What’s Love Go To Do With It? ~ Tina Turner

Possibly the biggest comeback single of all time. 13 years after releasing Proud Mary with her husband, she moved on from both rock music and her marriage. What’s love got to do with it? was a solo pop project that welcomed Tina Turner to the Billboard Hot 100, earning itself a place at number 3 and remaining her most populous song to date.

Get Lucky ~ Daft Punk

Unlike some of the other artists on the list, Daft Punk’s first number one was their comeback single. Of course, we cannot forget their electronica masterpiece One More Time which landed a place at number two in the UK Top 40, however Get Lucky took both pop and EDM to another level and teaming up with Pharrell and Nile Rodgers.

Spinning Around ~ Kylie Minogue

It had been ten years since Minogue had a number one when Spinning Around dominated the charts, with multiple singles such as Can’t get you out of my head and Love at first sight following suit. During this era all she was releasing were back to back hits, and not only did she regain her own fame, she also helped Paula Abdul re-enter the world of pop through her being on writing credits for Spinning Around.

Don’t Shut Me Down ~ ABBA

ABBA’s comeback reminded us just how timeless their songs were to begin with. Through the beautifully worded upbeat Don’t Shut Me Down, the Swedish Stars reawakened their British audience and scored a top ten hit in the UK Top 40. The fact that they didn’t even need much promotion shows how they have always had a place in our minds since 1972.

Maria ~ Blondie

There were 17 years between Blondie’s song War Child and their comeback hit Maria, and in those years were several re-recordings plus a couple of solo tracks. Maria went straight to number one, allowing the band’s following singles to make it to the top 40 for the next four years.

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