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Oktaf Kanis returns with rock number ‘Come On’ containing an important message


“In ‘Come On’, Oktaf Kanis ventures out to experiment with music whilst still keeping to his own recognisable sound.”

It’s been two months since I reviewed Oktaf Kanis’ single Starlight, an acoustic track that blends old and new. This time he is back with Come on, a song with a similar feel to it’s predecessor but possesses a heavier rock sound. In this song we get a taste of Kanis’ second album, set to be released later this year.

Come On begins with a warm guitar intro, only making us wait a little while for Kanis’ distinctive raspy vocals. The vocals and fantastically produced instrumental work together to create a beguiling build-up to the chorus where we then can identify the significant message the song sends. Oktaf Kanis explained that “‘Come On‘ tells a warning that we must continue to move forward with the current situation, because the current situation is not conductive, in the quote from the lyric ‘You’re look fun and so delicious’ it’s a satire sentence to a certain group that has made a scenario so that the world becomes chaotic, and in the quote the lyrics are indeed a very controversial sentence.”

“For making this song, it can be said that I just wanted to express my frustration with the current situation and I also wanted to give a spirit for the people to keep moving forward in the current situation,” he continued.

After another round of a vigorous verse, a passionate pre-choruses and a captivating chorus, Kanis brings the song to end through a short extension of the chorus, repeating the momentous lyrics I feel alive right now, then I said come on one last time whilst surrounded by an ensemble of drums and electric guitar.

You can listen to the song here:

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