Let’s Eat Grandma: Two Ribbons Review

DISCLAIMER: I have not included the two instrumental tracks of the record, simply because I can not include my favourite lyric.

8. Hall Of Mirrors

Favourite lyric: Thorns at my bedside that are riddled with regret

The fact that I simply can’t decide whether I enjoy the song or not is why I put this song last. The lyrics are amazing, and despite the tune of the song not being as catchy as the tune of other songs of the album, I did really warm to the overall atmosphere. It might take me a few more listen to decide where I actually would rank it, but for now I think there are songs that are technically better.

You can listen to the song here:

7. Two Ribbons

Favourite lyric: Collect the feathers that you drop when you’re taking off

This is no doubt a beautiful song with some outstanding lines I wish I could have written myself (I think they call it lyrical jealousy). The only reason it’s a little lower is because I don’t know how many times I would really listen to it. I wouldn’t feel as excited to for it to play on vinyl as much as some of the others either. Nevertheless it’s a fantastic track to close the album.

You can listen to the song here:

6. Strange Conversations

Favourite lyric: Thought I might find you here, where wasted youth lay near

So on second listen it turned out I didn’t like this song as much as Sunday or Watching You Go. I think what drew me to it originally was its calming atmosphere, which isn’t something I necessarily look for in a song being an avid EDM fan, but it is something that keeps me hooked. On top of this the chorus is gorgeous and that’s not even including the delicately sang untouchable vocals.

You can listen to the song here:

5. Insect Loop

Favourite lyric: Why don’t we sit by the water and watch our drawings wash away?

This song is the perfect mix of electronica and melancholy, the two key factors displayed on this album. After I post I know I’ll regret putting this fifth instead of fourth as this album has made me so fickle. It’s just got this nostalgic aspect of it that you don’t often find in songs, and I think it will do the best out of all the album tracks commercially (hence why I put it in my April discoveries).

You can listen to the song here:

4. Sunday

Favourite lyric: I feel my heart beat all the wrong ways, and say I miss you even though you’re right there

Sunday is the pivotal point at which the album takes a wistful turn so that we see a different side of Let’s Eat Grandma. The Let’s Eat Grandma that can write ballads with sad yet blissful lyrics. They can write lyrics like this for their more upbeat electronic songs, but it’s refreshing to see their versatility too.

You can listen to the song here:

3. Watching You Go

Favourite lyric: I want to shed myself and lay back in the earth sometimes, surrender the sky

This track took a rapid rise from six to three just a few seconds ago when I realised that I had honestly done it dirty putting it so low. The emotion felt in the chorus is so strong, backed by an addictive tune. I think I just neglected it due to the two best tracks being right before it.

You can listen to the song here:

2. Happy New Year

Favourite lyric: I only wish time froze in the snow globe

Whether you’re a fan or you just happen to hear them on the radio every now and again, you would know that this song is sang by Let’s Eat Grandma. It was so close between this and the song below, with the both of them fighting for first place. Either way, Happy New Year reminds me of their 2018 single Falling Into Me which also happens to be my favourite of theirs, so that made it secure a high place in my ranking.

You can listen to the song here:

1. Levitation

Favourite lyric: Shooting stars in your direction, as I’m losing grip on my reflection

This was the first song I heard from the album (as I stupidly didn’t know Happy New Year was released back in January) and it has remained a favourite ever since. It’s not the slowest of Two Ribbons – in fact it’s quite electronic – but I truly believe that you hear the most emotion in their voices here, with their high vocal ranges exhibited in the process.

You can listen to the song here:

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