Tyler Ray Speaks On A Variety Of Topics With Rap & Hip Hop single ‘Let It Breathe’

“Each time you think Tyler Ray has outdone himself in ‘Let It Breathe’ he bestows us with a thrilling beat drop, a relatable lyric or a whole new emotional atmosphere.”

It’s not often you hear a song that was conjured up when the artist was sitting by an open front door during a storm, but everything came naturally to South Carolina Hip Hop Rapper Tyler Ray with his latest single ‘Let It Breathe’, released this week.

A mystic intro awaits us, with Tyler Ray dropping a few words here and there before the anecdotal lyrics arrive. Behind such lyrics is a mellifluous instrumental that shifts at the chorus – the rhythm now a little slower and the hip hop sound considerably more conspicuous.

“It covers a range of emotions from the acceptance of letting go to the state of the world,” stated Tyler when asked about the meaning behind the song. We can see this most in lyrics like ‘you can see the pain, you can see the scars’ conveniently surrounded by an instrumental open to just as much sentiment. This instrumental quietens as ‘just let it breathe, okay, I know” is sang, where it feels like Tyler Ray is telling himself things will be alright, and it’s repetition is an emphasis of this.

Not only does Tyler Ray ‘cover a range of emotions’ in ‘Let It Breathe’; he also has an incredible skill of expressing this index of emotions in just one song. Through his vocals I’ve heard anger, sorrow, comfort and much more, and it’s not something every rapper can do.

You can listen to the song here:

Or here:

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