Harry Styles: Harry’s House Review

13. Boyfriends

Favourite lyric: They don’t tell you where it’s heading, and you know the game’s never ending

Boyfriends is not a bad song. It’s last on my list due to the style just not being my taste and surprisingly not because I had exceptionally high expectations after listening to Satellite, the previous track. It reminds me of Sweet Creature, which is nice song but also very much overrated by Harry fans.

You can listen to the song here:

12. Little Freak

Favourite lyric: You bring blue lights to dreams, starry haze, crystal ball

This song is undeniably sweet, and feels very Harry. I’d argue it’s miles better than Boyfriends so there isn’t a fine line (sorry) between them. I’m just not entirely sure you’d catch me listening to Little Freak anywhere other than on vinyl, and that’s not the case for the majority of these songs.

You can listen to the song here:

11. Matilda

Favourite lyric: You don’t have to be sorry for doing it on your own

I still feel like the melodic flow and production of Little Freak are considerably stronger than that of Matilda‘s, but the heartfelt lyrics of sorrow and sympathy of this song trumps it all. I’ve noticed Matilda is already popular among fans, and I can’t blame them – I just happen to place ballads a little lower on an album that is predominantly upbeat.

You can listen to the song here:

10. Daylight

Favourite lyric: You’ve got the antidote, I’ll take one to go, go please

I’m actually so disappointed I’ve put this song so low down, and shocked there are nine other songs that are marginally better. The transition from a care free instrumental to a soft rock interlude that eventually blend into one is so cleverly crafted that I’m jealous I didn’t produce it (not that I’ve ever actually produced anything else).

You can listen to the song here:

9. Cinema

Favourite lyric: Darling is it cool, if I’m stubborn when it comes to this?

You know this song is going to be good just by the funk infused intro, or even just by the fascinating title. The chorus is a little repetitive, however I’m not entirely convinced that I could get tired of a song this catchy.

You can listen to the song here:

8. Daydreaming

Favourite lyric: So give me all your love, give me something to dream about

Daydreaming was almost on par with Cinema, but it’s complex production and overall exciting sound pushed it up a little further. Many will have already noticed the sample of The Brothers Johnson’s Ain’t We Funkin which has been incorporated fantastically to fit this upbeat ambience Harry has created.

You can listen to the song here:

7. Keep Driving

Favourite lyric: We held darkness in withheld clouds

While Keep Driving is probably one of the weaker tracks of the album if we’re speaking in production terms, it would feel like a crime to put it any lower. The lyrics seem to have no relation to each other whatsoever from verse to pre chorus to chorus, but they somehow manage to flow and form an addictive atmospheric anecdote.

You can listen to the song here:

6. Love Of My Life

Favourite lyric: I won’t pretend I’ve been doing everything I can, to get to know your creases and your ends, are they the same?

What with the dark dramatic production as opposed to the usual laid back glittery production on the album, Love Of My Life feels very out of place on Harry’s House. Even so, it’s hard not to love it. We’ve never really heard Harry make this sort of music I can barely describe, yet it suits his vocal range superbly.

You can listen to the song here:

5. Grapejuice

Favourite lyric: Thought that we could hide away, in a corner of the heath

There’s a soothing quality to Grapejuice that pulls you in. It will most definitely be a fan favourite, containing the retro/modern blend the public fall head over heels for. In fact it feels like it should be my favourite, but somehow four other songs topped it.

You can listen to the song here:

4. Music For A Sushi Restaurant

Favourite lyric: If the stars were edible, and our hearts were never full, could we live with just a taste?

Definitely an unusual choice for an album opener. On first listen I thought it was intriguing but was kind of hoping the rest of the songs wouldn’t be like this. Now I’m obsessed. The incredible instrumental (you’ll know exactly what part of the song I’m talking about) reminds me so much of Lizzo’s new song About Damn Time, and that certainly is not a bad thing.

You can listen to the song here:

3. As It Was

Favourite lyric: Seems you cannot be replaced, and I’m the one who will stay

Harry definitely did a better job choosing a lead single this year. While Watermelon Sugar is admittedly a good song and had huge commercial success, As It Was brings so much more to the table. More emotion, more relatability, more intricate production. It also looks like he has gained himself an indie fanbase just from this song,

You can listen to the song here:

2. Late Night Talking

Favourite lyric: If you’re feeling down, I just wanna make you happier baby

The battle between this song and As It Was was brutal, but I could not ignore Late Night Talking‘s 70s charm. I feel excited to hear the verses, pre-chorus and chorus every time I listen. In fact it was the first song to get stuck in my head after listening to the album for the first time.

You can listen to the song here:

1. Satellite

Favourite lyric! I can see you’re lonely down there, don’t you know that I am right here?

Satellite was my favourite on my first listen, and it’s remained in first place ever since. The deep drum filled interlude and Harry’s high vocals are to die for. It may even be my favourite ever Harry song. Either way, it’s up there with Golden and Ever Since New York.

You can listen to the song here:

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