Charlie Smith Returns With The Melodious ‘One Day Some Day’

Charlie Smith has the skill of shifting his sound to match his lyrics and the emotion he wants to display – and we can hear this frequently in ‘One Day Some Day'”.

After the Spotify success of his 2021 album I Just Want To Sleep and his follow up single Have It All, Alt guitarist and singer Charlie Smith is back with another single to soothe your soul; One Day Some Day.

One Day Some Day welcomes us with a perfectly acoustic intro, boasting husky vocals and a tranquil sound. This continues in the first verse, building up to the reiteration of the wistful lyrics Wish that you were somewhere at the chorus. Here the melody speeds up a little, shifting the mood. The juxtaposition between idyllic acoustic verses and the invigorating chorus is very much ubiquitous in this song.

Charlie gave us some more insight on the track himself, saying “I think this is an attempt to write something more singer-songwriter genre than my last single ‘Have It All’. It’s not as punky, although it does still have a rocker chorus. I picked to release this track just because I wanted more variation and something a little different. It has a solo in it as well for even more variation I’m not sure if it’s anywhere near my best song or even if it’s a good song at all, but I guess ultimately I do like the main guitar riff. The picking pattern is different to me mashing chords like I do the rest of the time.”

Before we come towards the end of the song and Smith recaptures the emotion exhibited at the beginning, an interlude awaits us. The chord sequence changes, proving Charlie’s instrumental versatility. Throughout the whole of One Day Some Day, however, this Lo-Fi style we are intrigued by right away remains, bringing the innovation we can always rely on Charlie to provide in his varied music catalogue.

You can listen to the song here:

And here:

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