Francesco Fusilli Imposes A Refreshing Flow On ‘Minimal N.1’

“Musical multi-tasker Francesco Fusilli lays all his talents into his first song, hinting at a very promising future discography.”

Francesco Fusilli’s involvement in the music industry is very much extensive, taking his publications of transcriptions of classical pieces for concerts and his university degree in Disciplines of the arts, music and entertainment into consideration. Minimal N.1 could be described as a metaphorical piece, what with each delicate piano note symbolising the likes of nature.

The crisp delivery of notes is proven right from the start. This waterfall of music quickens until we are bombarded with imagery. However there are no complaints here. A subtle differing note changes the scene immensely, enhancing the imagery even further.

Fusilli gave us a few words regarding his song. “Minimal n.1 is my first release, the beginning of an artistic path that I had in mind for some time but that finally comes to life,” he said, “it is a neoclassical-minimalist piece inspired by the music of Ludovico Einaudi, a real monument for contemporary Italian pianism; through this composition I wanted to pay homage to his figure! It is a piece based on a melodic fragment of only 3 notes that is gradually elaborated on a melodic, harmonic and rhythmic level until it reaches a climax where the lyricism of the melody and the pressing of the accompaniment converge.”

Intensity rises via volume and speed towards the end and constant flow of faultless piano is upon us. Such a perfect blend of complex and clean perishes in the last few seconds, the slower melody once portrayed as the intro now taking the stage as the outro. Something striking in all sections of Minimal N.1, however, is how each note represents a different aspect of sadness despite the musical reiteration, meaning it must be the way Francesco composes the piece that making us feel this way.

You can listen to the song here:

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