An Interview With Francesco Fusilli

Is there an instrument you would like to learn to play?

Francesco: I am so in love with music that besides the piano I like many instruments. I also play the guitar, but not as good as the piano. The guitar has always fascinated me since I was a teenager, so I would love to play the guitar “well” too. Another instrument that I am in love with is the drums.

I’ve heard that you graduated in piano, jazz music and didactics of the musical instrument. What is it about music exactly that you find so fascinating?

Francesco: It is a question that would seem easy to answer – in reality explaining the reasons is really difficult. I grew up in a family where music filled our days. My father was an enthusiast, he liked to play even if he hadn’t studied. Thanks to him I discovered the music that has become one of my greatest loves, and I’ve been making it a reason for living. Music has always fascinated me for its ineffable character, although it is less tangible than the other arts, music has the ability to transmit different types of emotions, both positive and negative, but above all music has the ability to have more meanings for every single person. Playing or especially writing music drags you to another dimension where you often find what your true soul is. Music accompanies us every day and a world without music honestly I can’t even imagine it.

Where do you think modern neoclassical music is heading?

Francesco: I think it’s going in the right direction. It is a much more open musical genre than the old world of classical music, where the most disparate music influences can be found within it. It is a genre where we look tot the past but with the desire to move forward trying to exploit what are the musical languages of our days. On the other hand, every composer has always written music reflecting the sounds and languages of their era, always trying to bring something new. Without opening, music would have no evolution!

What quality of yours do you think reflects in your music?

Francesco: I think first of all the balance. I am a person who tries to be balanced even if for this I fight every day with myself! I think that balance has always been a fundamental part in my music, on all levels, sound speed, interpretation, etc….Then it is always my instinct and my musical taste has guided me in every song and in every genre.

Aside from music, what keeps you busy?

Francesco: Without a doubt my little one. I am a father of a child of almost two years and since he was born my life has been a function of his. Every day is a discovery and playing with him is my favourite hobby.

What music do you listen to to relax?

Francesco: listen to everything from classical music, to jazz, to pop, to rock, often without distinction of genre. Often the choice is based on the day: if I need to cheer up I often go to rock, but if I just need to rest then one genre is as good as another. The important thing is that it allows me to travel with the mind.

You can listen to Francesco’s latest single here:

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