Sixty Seven Radio Station Generates Soft Acoustic Sounds You’ll No Doubt Fall In Love With

“You’re bound to find some soothing tracks for your playlist on Sixty Seven Radio, which spans across a collection of styles while still keeping to a ‘niche’.”

Today I’m reviewing something a little different. Sixty Seven Radio is a live radio station on Twitch featuring an international collection of independent artists of the folk, indie and soft rock genres.

The first song I encountered on Sixty Seven Radio was ‘Eastwood School, All But Abandoned’, introducing me to the acoustic depth displayed on the station – the addictive hook now engrained in my head. ‘Mystic’ by Danny James was up next, showcasing an intricate sound and boasting a magnificent guitar sequence. Such sounds brought out the subtle emotion that you’ll hear on Sixty Seven Radio, despite the song being overall laid back and satisfyingly calming.

‘Sick Day’ by Kliffi, possibly one of the most relaxing songs on the station, consisted of mellow tones that dominated the atmosphere. The shift in volume enhanced this further, making the structure of the song feel very spontaneous yet crisp at the same time.

The delicate guitar strings on ‘Black Sky’ by Phaedos will keep you captivated, conjuring up imagery of a breezy summer night. This is really where we see the metaphorical aspects of Sixty Seven Radio, and how the music they play feels very analogous. ‘Simply’ by Richard Bistrup was also acoustic, but in contrast demonstrated how the station are versatile in the tones their artists explore, with this song having a deeper sound therefore a deeper tone.

So to conclude, since listening to Sixty Seven Radio, I’ve noticed the compelling melodies they present their listeners with, the range of emotion and sound exhibited and how they don’t just play songs, they create an atmosphere doing it.

You can listen to Sixty Seven Radio here:

And here on Spotify:

And on Youtube:

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