Georgi Clarke’s Debut Single ‘Myself’ Will Have You Singing, Dancing And Playing It On Repeat

“Georgi Clarke’s ‘Myself’ is unapologetically pop in the best way possible, made up of splendid vocals, an addictive tune and an inspiring message.”

Singer-songwriter from Manchester Georgi Clarke has released her debut single ‘Myself’ this month, starting off her discography with a fantastically produced, upbeat feel-good tune that is impossible not to dance to.

The song starts with an intriguing house like sound, morphing into many sub genres of pop such as electro pop and dance pop as soon as Georgi begins to sing. The refreshing vocals soar through the first verse and remarkable pre chorus to match the flawless production. Lyrics like ‘Yeah I know that I’ll be alright even if I’m not with you’ make it clear that ‘Myself’ is about an empowering sense of independence before we even get to the chorus, but Georgi has given us more insight as to why wrote the song:

“I co-wrote this song last summer when many of my friends in relationships were continuously asking people about their current relationship status as if it is all that matters,” she said, ” I wanted to write a song about not settling for less or lowering standards just because you’re single. You shouldn’t have to be in a relationship to be happy as you already have what it takes to be fearless.”

The upbeat tune and hints of electronica and house music continue in the chorus, mirroring the happiness in Clarke’s voice that she has found such love for herself and is therefore encouraging us as listeners to do the same. A short bridge occurs a little before the song ends, with little instrumental surrounding the lyrics, putting the spotlight on Georgi’s stunning vocals which have not failed to impress throughout the whole song. Such a fabulous blend of great music and an inspiring message has set the bars high for Clarke’s next single, but I’m sure it will be just as amazing.

You can listen to the song here:

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