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An Interview With Georgi Clarke


What is your history with music?

Georgi: I first discovered my love of music at school. I loved to sing my heart out to the assembly hymns and music was my favourite subject. From there, I decided to start individual music lessons. I took up singing followed by piano and then clarinet. I practiced and performed all through my school and college years and just knew I wanted to pursue music as my career. I experimented with my composing, song-writing and production and am now studying Popular Music at Royal Northern College of Music.

And when did you start to have a passion for it?

Georgi: In year 5 I would say. I absolutely loved it when our music teacher would hand us a picture and tell us to pound the piano keys and play/compose a melody expressing our emotions with how the picture made us feel. It made me release I wanted to join all the musical co-curriculum choirs and music lessons that were on offer.

Are there any songs or albums that you’ve been obsessed with lately?

Georgi: Ooo, there’s so many songs that I love but some of my favourites without a timeline include ‘At Least I Had Fun’ by rani and Martin Jenson, ‘Remember’ by Becky Hill and David Guetta and ‘Forgive Myself’ by Griff. I don’t have an album I’m currently obsessed with, but I do love the New Rules’ EP! If you haven’t heard of them, they’re a great band you should check out.

It’s clear that ‘Myself’ has a very upbeat electro pop sound with fantastic vocals and great lyrics, but I’m interested to know how you would describe the song in three words, whether it be about its sound or meaning behind it.

Georgi: Catchy, empowering, anthem!

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Georgi: That’s a hard question! There are so many amazing musicians I would love to collaborate with including Sigala, Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, Galantis, David Guetta. Okay, I’ve got to decide on one….I guess David Guetta, his recent ‘Heartbreak Anthem’ and ‘Crazy What Love Can Do’ collabs are just too good!

How would you describe your artist audience? What sort of people does your music attract?

Georgi: People who love catchy pop music and the sub-genre Dance Pop. It attracts people who want to have fun, see the positives in the world and want to listen to music that makes them feel good, sing and dance!

What are your interests besides music?

Georgi: Away from music, you’ll find me on the golf course! When I say that, lots of people are very surprised because they don’t expect it, but I absolutely love it, it’s a great sport. As well as this, I love going on walks in the countryside with my cockapoo called Benji.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Georgi: Remove negative people from your life as the people that you spend time with influence your attitude, thoughts, and success more than you may think.

You can listen to Georgi’s latest single ‘Myself’ here:

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