A Chat With Nuntio

Hi! I’m back with another chat with Nuntio. I have already interviewed them previously, however this time I gave them a few topics to talk about so you can get to know them even better, like I did with Sharl 🙂

Niclas from Nuntio’s musical memories growing up and in the band:

Niclas: Hmmm I have a lot of great memories growing up, but my earliest memory (that I can think of right now) is listening nonstop to Queen: Greatest Hits I & II. I had memorised all the lyrics by the age of 7.

I grew up with a lot of the older stuff such as Queen, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, Smokie, Status Quo and so on. My father had a huge collection of cd’s and vinyls from the early sixties to late nineties. When I got a bit older and youtube became available I started exploring more music from the same era, and came across Van Halen, Twisted Sister, Kiss, Toto and a lot of other great bands.

I would say that the music I’ve grown up with has had a great influence on my musical style. When I picked up the guitar at the age of 13, I knew what I wanted regarding the musical style, and tried absorbing as much musical inspiration as I could.

I have two standout memories regarding the band. The first one is when we wrote our first song “Kaerleiki Kemur”. Everything was pretty new to us, so we didn’t know what was the best way to do it. So we ended up composing and recording at the same time (which caused a very prolonged recording process. I think we ended up spending 70 hours on recording alone). The quality wasn’t great, but it gave a sense of release, that our first single was out. We learned a lot from the experience on what to do and what not to do. Now that we’re more experienced, we’ve been talking about doing a remake of our first song, and doing it right this time!

The second one has to be of our very first gig! It was a very strange experience to be honest! It went very well and people enjoyed it and we really enjoyed ourselves playing in front of a big crowd. The strange thing is that I didn’t feel anything at all! No nerves or anything during practices or on the big day, I was totally cool. The strange thing is that I woke up the morning after, nervous and twitchy (all the feelings that you usually get before big occasions). We’ve played a couple of gigs since then, and it has all gone smoothly.

Niclas’ hobbies and interests:

Niclas: Since you can’t make a living out of playing music on the Faroe Islands, then that has to be the hobby. Our band usually plays at church services when we don’t have any gigs. Currently we have no lead singer, so we have had the opportunity to play with a lot of talented vocalists at the various services.

Other than that I spend a lot of time with friends when I’m not at work (my real job). I am a pretty laidback guy so I usually don’t like rushing things, I want to enjoy what I’m doing and take it all in.

I enjoy reading all kinds of stuff, which can be a serious book, or just some random fun facts. Sometimes I like put on a movie, usually in the sci-fi/fantasy genre.

How Niclas’ would best describe Nuntio’s sound and genre and where the inspiration for it comes from:

Niclas: I try to borrow bits and pieces from all of my musical influences and mix it together into something that is 100% me.

When it comes to gear I’m a pretty straightforward guy and prefer a “guitar straight through the amp” approach with no effects in between (but I can use some effects for a particular section of a song). But as long as I have my trusty Les Paul then I’m ready for anything!

Hmmm what is the best way to describe our genre? We consider it a kind of “new meets old” where we combine older rock with newer synth and electronic elements and a bit of pop here and there.

I have to mention something funny that happened the other day! We have our closest confidants who get to hear bits and pieces of our demos when we’re recording. Apparently there are a few songs on our upcoming album that give people very strong Toto vibes regarding the sound. It is funny that people think so, because it wasn’t intended at all.

But yeah we like to experiment when we’re recording, because in a way it forces us to improve as musicians.

You can listen to Nuntio live here:

You can watch the trailer for their upcoming album here:

And here is Nuntio’s Spotify:

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