Ed Corrado’s Latest Single ‘Two Souls’ Showcases A Strong Meaning Backed By A Strong Melody

“Follow Ed Corrado on a quest for love, where you’ll discover an energising hook and varied vocals you won’t forget”

Canadian singer-songwriter Ed Corrado’s sound could be described in so many ways that you could not just narrow it down to one word, but to give you an idea of what his music is like, I would say that many flavours of rock like classic rock and psychedelic rock are the dominant genres. His latest single ‘Two Souls’ is a prime example of such versatility – bragging a catchy melody to marvellously match the character in Corrado’s vocals.

The song begins with a few intricate strings of guitar before Ed’s voice is initiated. The advanced yet distinct vocals sync in nicely, complimentary of the rapid upbeat melody surrounding it. A swift switch to the chorus and the epitome of ‘Two Souls’ becomes even clearer after hints of the meaning were displayed in the first verse. The lyric ‘Two lovers on different sides’ is just one of the lyrics that mirrors Corrado’s explanation of meaning behind the song:

“Two souls is about loneliness and the quest for love, and the delicate balance between love and personalities,” he said, “All the players on the song grew up on the same street. A street called Upwood Avenue. It’s a great name for a band.”

A bridge then arrives to change the tone a little, bringing with it a slower tempo that gradually brings the song to a pause, before an acoustic guitar sequence occurs and we enjoy an elaborate instrumental that speaks just as much emotion as the lyrics within the song. Then another verse and the chorus hit us again, reminding us of just how catchy the melody whilst bringing the song to a close.

You can listen to the song here:

And here:

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