Offbeat Smitty Brings True Energy On His Latest Track ‘Goodnight’

“Offbeat Smitty’s illustration of creativity in ‘Goodnight’ has allowed him to conjure up the themes of the song clearly; not only for himself, but for his listeners too.”

Toronto born and raised artist Offbeat Smitty has just released his seventh single of the year ‘Goodnight’, this time collaborating with his sister Krstiana to complement his varied vocals that sing across many genres such as R&B and Hip Hop.

The quick tempo of ‘Goodnight’ resonates a lot with late 90s/early 00s R&B. While we are bopping our heads to this upbeat flow of music however, if we look upon the lyrics we notice the dark topics the song tackles, described by Offbeat Smitty as ‘confessions of low self worth’ and ‘a desire to be so high you could die happy’. Such motifs are reflective of lyrics like ‘If I die, would anyone notice?’ which are expressed with immense sentiment and repeated for hyperbolic effect.

Electronic undertones we have heard in the intro and first verse become a lot less blurry as the chorus approaches. We now enter a jungle of electronica – a Hip Hop heavy hook replaying correspondingly. Krstiana’s vocals then commence, embracing silvery tones and timbres.

A fade out of lyrics transpires just a little before the end, slowing down the tempo ever so slightly and sending ‘Goodnight’ into a state of euphoria and bliss. These concepts likely adhere to the meaning of the song, expressed by Offbeat Smitty as ‘living today like it’s your last day’ taken ‘very literally’.

You can listen to the song here:


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