Echo Tripper Set A Soothing Mood With ‘Another View’

Thumbnail credit: Anaïs Boileau

“In ‘Another View’, Echo Tripper are welcoming you into their own world through a beautifully constructed array of instruments.”

French music project Echo Tripper are back with another single entitled ‘Another View’, the perfect follow up to their fabulous debut ‘High Dreams’. ‘Another View’ traverses the subject of fear and doubt, and we see these emotions play out chronologically throughout the song.

The first sound you’ll encounter is the soft strums of guitar, building up to vocals that introduce themselves as a metaphor for emotion. Right away there is a sense of comfort within the song, interestingly, considering the meaning behind ‘Another View.’ Possibly the music acts as a solution to those who relate. There’s also an underlying hook that accompanies the rest of the song. It certainly brings out the freedom yet composition, delicate yet strong tone we can hear in the vocals. Just a subtle use of drums, or guitar, makes for a unique instrumental when all components are put together. This blend perpetuates even when we are without vocals at the bridge.

Echo Tripper spoke on this running theme of fear and doubt that we can hear within ‘Another View’. They said, “Another View is about the discomfort and fear of facing the unknown for some people. More specifically, the confrontation between the point of view of a deconstructed person and that of a person in denial of his own questioning.”

Lyrics and vocals succeed the bridge, the chorus and verses and everything in between now familiar to us. From Echo Tripper’s debut and follow up single, it’s clear that they have already found their ‘niche’ in the music industry and I can’t wait to see their popularity flourish, just like their music already has.

You can listen to the song here:

And here:

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