Chintzy Stetson Puts Life Into Perspective On His New Single ‘Final Words’

“An upbeat melody, deeper meanings, a unique voice…..’Final Words’ by Chintzy Stetson has a lot to offer.”

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Chintzy Stetson has released his single ‘Final Words’ after his success of his 2021 EP ‘Songs from the Top Shelf of My Heart’ and before the release of his highly anticipated debut album.

Immediately we get a grasp of just how catchy ‘Final Words’ is via a fun, upbeat instrumental which Stetson has cleverly made contradictory to the question the song asks: If humanity was to come to a close right now, would we be happy with our ending? This philosophical question gets us to analyse some of the lyrics regarding the likes of war.

As the chorus draws nearer, we begin to hear a 00s/old school blend as well as Stetson’s impressive high notes that truly add a thrill to the song. A powerful yell of the word ‘hell’ leads us back to a verse again, where more philosophical topics leave us analysing. ‘Soon we’ll be, dead and gone’ feels very blunt and direct upon first listen, however it’s also very true in terms of our hypothetical perspective as listeners of ‘Final Words’.

After a trumpet heavy bridge plays, the best part of the song welcomes us. Lyrics like ‘Joey’s friend, has a car, we can use, it’s a start’ feel very spontaneous, as if we really are experiencing the last few days of our lives before humanity comes to a close.

It’s no secret that when Chintzy Stetson steps into the studio, he is also stepping outside his comfort zone. Since diving into the rest of his discography, I’ve noticed that there are no two tracks that sound too similar. Stetson is not looking to pin an exact genre to anything, and this is an admirable trait to have as an artist. In doing this, he is giving his fans a lot to look forward to for his new album – and any music projects to come.

You can listen to the song here:

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