Terreyl Fields Fashions An Innovatory Sound On His EP ‘We Aren’t Over…’

“Terreyl Fields has without doubt brought something fresh and inspiring to the table with ‘We Aren’t Over…'”

African-American artist Terreyl Fields has returned this year with his EP ‘We Aren’t Over….’. 2019 saw the release of his debut ‘FUN’, with 2020 welcoming another four singles. Fields clearly knows the ins and outs of the creative world, being a creative director and having experience in modelling, so he really wasn’t afraid to put himself out there and experiment with multiple genres on this EP.

‘Tonight’ – the first song on ‘We Aren’t Over’ -unveils refreshing futuristic undertones right away. The intro fades to give the spotlight to Fields’ deep vocals that rhythmically synchronise with the instrumental. The way Terreyl Fields sings about his emotions, backed by an oasis of electronica, feels very poetic. The tones in Fields’ voice become even richer on ‘Glistening’. The chorus is immensely catchy, featuring a infatuating echoing effects that make it feel so euphoric. All the little details added up, (like the subtle waves of funk, or the shift from verse to chorus, chorus to verse) create such uniqueness and freshness. You just can’t compare this song to anything else in the current music scene.

“This project is based on my love life around January-February of this year, ” said Fields, explaining a little more about ‘We Aren’t Over’, “In total, it’s 3 songs although they are super emotional and lover boyish, it’s an electronic ride of dance melodies and power!”

‘Filmmakers’, a collab with indapond, is a prime example of the balance between the emotional side and the upbeat dance side of the EP. It possesses a faster beat than its antecedents, with many instrumental layers to it: as well as many layers of meaning.

You can listen to ‘We Aren’t Over…’ here:

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