Sharl Invites Us To The Dancefloor On ‘Outside’

“Sharl proves that she never fails to capture a great deal of radiance and energy in her pop melodies through ‘Outside’.”

Australian pop musician Sharl has just released ‘Outside’ as the final single for her much anticipated album ‘City Lights’. She has been teasing and pleasing her fans since January, releasing a collection of brilliant melodies including ‘Let Me Know’, ‘Games’ and ‘3 Words’.

Sharl gets straight into the lyrics of outside, setting the tone with opening line ‘Walk into the room, see I can read you like a book.’ The instrumental is strategically subtle to shine light on the lyrics and vocals. It does, however, get more upbeat at the pre-chorus to match the progression of the relationship Sharl is referencing. She goes from speculating that this person ‘just wants attention’ to confessing that she wants them to give her a ‘reason’ to not believe those who say to avoid him.

The pre-chorus spirals swiftly into the chorus, unleashing an infectious tune you’ll be bopping your head, tapping your feet and lip-syncing to. This thrill from the chorus continues into the next verse, where we can now sense a spark in the relationship Sharl is singing about, enhanced by the excitement in her voice and the majestic control of her vocal range that just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

“‘Outside’ is one of my favourite songs from the album,” stated Sharl, as well as saying upon its release that the song ‘basically wrote itself’. The closer Sharl’s album release gets, the more excitement she builds with singles. The brilliance of ‘Outside’ makes ‘City Lights’ very promising.

You can listen to the song here:

And here:

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