Sara Maatouk Releases Splendid Summer Single ‘I Need Your Touch’

“It’s impossible to not feel the urge to sing along to Sara Maatouk’s remarkable new melody ‘I Need Your Touch’.”

Texan-born and Arizona-based musician Sara Maatouk has just released the perfect summer tune to embrace the heat. ‘I Need Your Touch’ shows off Maatouk’s striking vocals and analogical lyrics, as well as her ability to vary in musical style once again.

The opening lyric ‘I feel the sun set under my skin’ establishes not only the summer theme of ‘I Need Your Touch’ but also the strong, rich and unique tones in Maatouk’s vocals. The word ‘hypnotising’, which she uses in the first verse, not only expresses the way Sara is feeling, but it also mirrors the nature of the song, seeing as we ourselves are already captivated by the few lyrics, vocals and instrumental we have heard.

Soothing long notes and sensational high notes fill the chorus, all whilst Sara compares the touch of a person to the warmth of the sun. The repetition of the line ‘just like the summer’ invites us to see the metaphorical and abstract side of love that Maatouk is describing vividly.

When asked about the release of ‘I Need Your Touch’, Sara Maatouk said, “I hope this new song brings people together and is a nice kickoff to the end of summer.” She continued, “I just want everyone to listen to it and feel good. I have more songs coming soon and can’t wait to share.”

With its powerful melody, glistening vocals from Sara and the ultimate balance of complexity and simplicity in the lyrics, ‘I Need Your Touch’ is without a doubt the perfect summer song to bring people together and make them feel good, just like Sara intended it to.

You can listen to the song here:

And here:


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