Sharl and Daniel Bohen Take Us On A Journey Of Emotions in Their Collaboration ‘Darker Than Midnight’

“Through collaborating, Sharl and Daniel Bohen have been able to embrace each other’s musical talent, and that’s why ‘Darker Than Midnight’ is such an innovative song.”

Pop princess Sharl and producer/singer-songwriter Daniel Bohen have teamed up, amalgamating their music styles, to create the much awaited ‘Darker Than Midnight’, released on the 12th of August.

‘Darker Than Midnight’ begins with a faded rendition of the chorus. Delicate piano notes circulate the first verse, spotlighting Sharl’s gleaming vocals and the reflective lyric ‘I’ve been drowning in fear, obsessions and tears’ that adds an element of relatability to the song. We are then introduced to Bohen’s rich vocals, which mirror Sharl’s vocals in tone whilst each also having their own uniqueness to them.

Suddenly the beat intensifies and the sound becomes satisfyingly dramatic as the chorus commences. And it’s not only the instrumental that modifies in tone. The passion in both Sharl and Daniel’s voices strengthens as the meaning becomes a lot more apparent to us as listeners through lyrics like ‘you just got to feel the pain’ and ‘it’s gonna be alright’.

Speaking of the meaning, Bohen and Sharl gave us some detail on the inspiration behind ‘Darker Than Midnight.’ They said, “Darker Than Midnight is a representation of a state of mind. A situation in which it becomes harder to see what may lie ahead, but the vital thing is continuing to try. This songs strives to showcase the feelings, the thoughts and the possibilities in a dialogue form, and from that, tries to find hope of a light among all the darkness.”

Towards the end Sharl and Bohen’s voices unite, conducting each other as they vary in pitch and timbre, all whilst reassuring us for the final time that everything is ‘gonna be alright’.

You can listen to the song here:

And here:


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