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Oktaf Kanis Premieres His Latest Single ‘Coming From The Darkside’


“It’s been amazing following Oktaf kanis navigating his sound as musician, and after releasing an array of singles all showcasing his strong musical qualities, it looks as if he has found his niche.”

Jakarta born singer-songwriter Oktaf Kanis has returned with his fifth 2022 single ‘Coming From The Darkside’, where he finds the fine line between rock and funk all whilst singing an engaging story to his listeners.

An absorbing clash of instruments greets us, hinting at what direction the song is going to go in in terms of sound. The mix of these instruments definitely has a film soundtrack feeling to it. We then hear Kanis’ singing, making us wonder if ‘Coming From The Darkside’ could possibly be his strongest song vocally yet, showing the connection he has with the song.

Once you’ve been pulled in by Oktaf’s vocals, you’ll realise that it’s the gripping melody of the chorus in particular that is also keeping you compelled. At this point we can now analyse the lyrics too, as Kanis calls out ‘hello’ to the women he is speaking to. Speaking of the lyrics, the singer mentioned himself that ‘Coming From The Darkside’ “tells of a woman who comes from the dark side”. He explained that the dark side could also represent the negative side of someone.

The bridge arrives a little before the last chorus, shrouded with a reiteration of the figurative expression ‘I’ve got mine for life, you’ve got a diamond in your blood’. And just like the song began with a fun instrumental, it ends with a fun instrumental.

You can listen to the song here:

And here:

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