Kevin Silvester Teams Up With 99finite On Electro-Pop Song ‘Crywolf’

“Kevin Silvester ventures into the world of electronica, world of pop and many more worlds during ‘Crywolf’. He doesn’t restrict his creativity yet still knows his sound.”

Australian electronic artist Kevin Silvester has released his single ‘Crywolf’ today featuring fellow electronic musician 99finite. This melody is abundant in fresh modern production and the way it identifies with listeners.

A rush of synths impress us early on in ‘Crywolf’, infusing silver-toned tunes before we hear the chorus. The transitions between each segment are greatly produced and perfectly timed to accelerate the excitement and anticipation.

When looking at the lyrics, it’s evident that the narrator is citing someone who isn’t genuine in their motives. The first few verses recall the situations this person has caused, saying ‘the last time I heard you cry was just to cover up your lies.’ Then the rap verse smoothly flips the scene to a time where they’ve untied themselves from such situations, hence the line ‘It’s like I’ve been set free’.

‘Crywolf’ has major radio facets. The lustrous, unblemished notes sung, how the tune develops and the not too simple not too complex lyrical aspect are just some of them. And I can’t help but admire how Silvester has structured these facets into one song and how he made it flow so effortlessly.

You can listen to the song here:

And here:

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