New Single ‘Lifeboats’ from Eleanor Collides Blends Acoustics And Synths

“I think it’s easy to get lost in a song like ‘Lifeboats’, where key changes and every section of the instrumental become atmospheric.”

Eleanor Collides is the solo project of musician Nick Ranga, who has just released his follow up single, to his March album ‘People Are Taller in Real Life’, entitled ‘Lifeboats’. It’s an ambient track, exploring many atmospheres in order to form its own.

A wave of guitars greet us, shortly introducing the resonant tones of Ranga’s vocals. Amongst these dream pop acoustics, there are also galactic synths on ‘Lifeboats’ which catch our attention in an instance. The production altogether is perpetually transfixing. We are caught in this melancholically calm trance now, which is as soothing as it is brimmed with sentiment.

The instrumental shifts at the chorus, bustling with even more fascinating sounds and deepening the feelings laid out in the first verse. Ranga sings the brooding lyric ‘look into my eyes’ and the imagery he initiated gets stronger. We are not only hearing the song, we are visualising it now, thanks to the hazy long notes that will soothe your mind and the running theme of dreams; something we can all relate to.

“Lifeboats captures the feeling of being alone in a crowd, of feeling isolated in a city full of people. Lyrically the song explores themes of loneliness and alienation, set to the mellow mystery of the dorian mode,” Nick says of his song.

You can listen to ‘Lifeboats’ here:

And here:


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