Edoardo Gastaldi And Cloud Opacity Unite To Produce The Ethereal ‘Nothing Disappears’

“‘Nothing Disappears’ is the beautiful proof that you don’t need lyrics to make great art.”

Edoardo Gastaldi – a pianist involved in the genres of Modern Classical, Ambient and Post-rock – has been producing a new single ready for September the 9th, alongside atmospheric musician Cloud Opacity. ‘Nothing Disappears’ feels as if you’re walking through nature, contemplating the confliction of happiness and sadness.

Instantly we are exposed to the articulately structured dynamics of ‘Nothing Disappears’. The shifts from low notes to high notes, harsher tones to softer tones are nothing short of powerful. Piano notes are among consistently elegant strings, flowing gracefully. What more could you want?

Here imagery is whatever you want it to be. To me the piano notes resemble rain drops, and the strings feel like sunlight. But it all comes down to the ultimate meaning, which Edoardo explains:

“With this creation we try to convey awareness, hope and will to not let things go. You’d rather let things swirl into your shape, and make them live inside of you.”

So you could compare the high notes to this idea of hope, or the changing tempo of piano notes to the steps we take to let such things live inside of us. In instrumental music, there is always so much potential for symbolism and metaphors. In ‘Nothing Disappears’, Gastaldi and Cloud Opacity exceed this potential by not only signalling core feelings through timbre, tempo and dynamic shifts, but by opening it up to the feelings of the listeners.

You can listen to the song here:


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