Harry Jxye Emits Great Invigoration On ‘Fake Friends’

“Just by listening to ‘Fake Friends’, it’s clear that Harry Jxye knows how to engage with his audience melodically and lyrically.”

24 year old up and coming musician Harry Jxye has released his single ‘Fake Friends’. The singer has been building his artist persona all through 2022, amassing over 2,000 followers on Instagram and releasing three singles so far. ‘Fake Friends’ consists of many pop rock elements. Fresh modern production in the intro, heavy guitar at the chorus.

There’s an instant energy that dominates the song. The fast tempo is addictive. with the beat increasing our adrenaline by the second. And if you thought the first verse was insanely catchy, then wait until you hear the chorus, where the vibrant instrumental resembles an exciting sort of chaos.

Fierce vocals get across the rush of relatable feelings Jxye is referencing. The fact that ‘Fake Friends’ is based on his real life experiences makes his vocals even more impassioned. Harry has been described as an artist who tells stories that are ‘crafted through personal experiences’, and there’s no question that this is what is being exemplified here.

I love how Jxye can suddenly shift the tone from roaring vocals and a blast of powerful instruments to the slower tempo modern production we heard in the intro and still make the two opposites flow into each other. It’s as if the intro and outro represent what someone’s life might seem externally – calm. Meanwhile the verses and chorus represent the internal struggles many face, and all the chaos it involves.

You can listen to the song here:


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