An Interview With Harry Jxye

I love the new song! What was it like recording ‘Fake Friends’?

Harry: Thank you! This is different from my previous releases, and I think I have found the genre that I fit quite well, this is essentially “back to my roots” where I grew up listening to pop rock / punk bands such as All Time Low, Panic at the Disco, Sum 41, Busted, the list is endless! I have taken inspiration from those bands as well as the modern take on this genre, being Machine Gun Kelly, Iann dior, YungBlud etc.

The process of recording Fake Friends has been different to my two previous releases, as I am now working with a producer, Harrison, at HP Music Studios. They have made the whole experience very enjoyable and are knowledgeable and talented musicians themselves. They have made the process go smoothly and are always supportive, and I think we work well together! Hope to work together on several more singles as well!

Which artists in your genre would you compare yourself to? 

Harry: The closest I would suggest would be Machine Gun Kelly, or Huddy. But I take a ton of inspiration from several other artists, not just in this genre. The Kid Laroi and Juicewrld, Iann Dior, YungBlud – All great artists I like to take inspiration from!. 

Do you have a favourite lyric that you’ve written?

Harry: “Cause I am dead inside, I know I’m not the only one” – Last line of the second verse of Fake Friends. 

When you release music to the world, what part of it is most enjoyable?

Harry: The part I enjoy about releasing music is when I hear my friends or family singing the song. I make songs to be catchy but also provide some meaning when properly listening to the lyrics. They are always very supportive, and although this is very early days in my music, it is overwhelming some of the support I receive from friends. They play a big role, give up their own free time to help me and I appreciate them!

I also like to think my music can help those struggling, it’s pop rock / trap so sometimes it has a happy vibe but there are elements infused with struggles with life. I receive messages daily from people who need some support. I will always reply to those people and try to help anyways I can. I am happy I can make a small amount of difference to someone’s life just by music. Although I know this is all early days! But I hope to grow as an artist and help more and more. 

If you could see any artist live right now, whose name would be on the ticket?

Harry: Great question! I am seeing an artist in October!, and that is Machine Gun Kelly! I Can’t wait!! 

Which of your songs do you think works best live?

Harry: This is all a work in process! We have some small festival slots booked for next year. I have a band working on learning my songs at the moment, but every member is full of energy and determined, the live performances are going to be explosive, and very entertaining for anyone watching. 

What is the most effective tip for navigating the music industry that you have given or received?

Harry: I am still learning!

My best advice is, analyse what you are good at, and what you are not so good at. The stuff you are not so good at, look to develop those skills! Or ask for help! 

Build contacts and a following and hope for the best!

That’s the best I can give at the moment, it’s a big industry with a ton to learn. This is only the beginning. 

You can listen to Harry Jxye’s latest single ‘Fake Friends’ here:


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