Diana Ringo Sets Each Scene On Her Soundtrack Album For ‘Quarantine’

“It’s satisfying to see how each song on the soundtrack for ‘Quarantine’ has its own ambience, presented beautifully by unique melodies.”

Diana Ringo – Finnish film director, composer and visual artist – released a collection of songs alongside the release of her 2021 film ‘Quarantine’, which she directed, wrote and produced. The soundtrack has an array of songs with intriguing song titles, all leading to different moods and atmospheres.

‘Echoes of the Past’ initiates the album. It has this intense versatility of pitch, exuberating something eery, then something hopeful. The song’s melody is on par with the emotions Ringo has chosen to express. ‘Embers’ follows this emotion, but feels darker and more solitary. The imagery becomes stronger and stronger, and clearer and clearer.

My favourite title has to be ‘Dreams in Color’. And the music did in fact match my intrigue. It has an unusual sound, like when you play around with the buttons on a piano until you find one that sounds spectacular in every note, in every chord even.

‘Communion of the Trees’ has that futuristic twang to it. The production is practically bubbling with galactic sounds, and you can’t help but get lost in the melody. On the other hand, ’24 1/2′ also has something futuristic to it; but ultimately it’s a lot more upbeat. Even so, it delicately weaves in and out of a dance tune and an ultra-modern spaceship anthem.

Sparkling high notes are the highlight of ‘Starry Smile’, the final track. It’s delicate, and light, and airy. The song has us speculating the ending, leaving us only with our own interpretations, but unquestionably establishes the mood of every song of the soundtrack.

You can listen to the album here:

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