CMON CMON’S ‘Say What It Means’ Unleashes A Meaningful Melody

“CMON CMON orchestrate a single heavy in warm tones and lyrics that have a real substance to them.”

Belgian reformed rock band CMON CMON are back with a follow up to ‘The Summers we Missed’. ‘Say What It Means’ is a track that pumps adrenaline with every beat, and displays the group’s talent wholeheartedly.

The tempo and lyrics are parallel immediately. The band sing ‘Every mile on my way is a fast getaway’ with a quickening melody right up ahead. Shoegazing vocals lead to a rollercoaster of a tune, inundated with punchy sounds and pure indie production.

Such vocals lead the chorus, bringing in a symphonic clang of instruments with them. The initial guitar gets progressively more complex and intricate. A bridge urges us to sing with CMON CMON as the voice rises with the melody’s pitch, making the meaning all the more real.

Guitarist and vocalist Jorrit Hermans commented on the subject of ‘Say What It Means’. He said, “A strong sense of tension is created as very grown-up themes are played by a group of kids who should be representing honesty and authenticity. The story shows how we sometimes deal with other cultures, ideas, feelings and opinions.”

You can listen to the song here:

And here:


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