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An Interview With Holly Hebe, Ivoris And Zhuli


How did you all come up with the idea for ‘Supervillain’? 

We were on an all girls writing trip in February this year, one night we were just jamming and it turned into ‘Supervillain’! I think it was a combination of listening to great music and feeling inspired, and just regular ol’ girl talk. We’d been talking about how we don’t like the way people can paint girls as crazy and hysterical, and how unfair it is to be painted as a villain in someone else’s narrative. We started playing with this idea of embracing the “villain” label, and the song flowed really naturally.

If you could describe ‘Supervillain’ in three words, what would they be?

Bubbly, sassy, playful!

What is something that will never stop inspiring your music?

Holly: I love reading poetry and I’m always finding inspiration in little passages or single words that I read. Sometimes if i have writer’s block all it takes is a single word or a phrase that i find on the cover of a book or in a little poem that sparks an entire song. 

Ivoris: I will forever be inspired by emotions, whether they’re mine or others. I’m always intrigued by how a melody or a chord progression can capture a specific feeling.

Aside from music, what are your hobbies/interests?

Holly: I love painting and writing poetry. I have a bunch of little sketch pads that I have in every part of the house, in my car etc for whenever I feel like drawing or writing. I also love op shopping & going to the beach. 

Ivoris: I’m a big nature person, so whenever I get some free time I’m either at the beach, or going for a walk in the horse paddocks near my house. I also love crafty things and painting with watercolours.

Zhuli: I love film and tv; my spare time usually involves binge watching tv shows or new movies. At the moment I’m watching Rings of Power and The Boys which I’m loving. I also love second hand shopping so on the weekends before gigs I’m usually browsing markets. 

Is there an artist that all three of you are influenced by?

Taylor Swift is a big influence for all three of us! She is an incredible lyricist, which is something that we pay a lot of attention to. 

What do you believe is your greatest skill as a musician?

Holly: playing keys is definitely my home base and something i’ll always come back to. It’s what I started with as a musician and it’s one of my favourite things to include and have fun with in a live setting especially. 

I think your voices sync together amazingly on ‘Supervillain’. Your styles are not too similar, not too different. Do you think there is a potential for another collab in future?

Absolutely! We loved working on this project together, we were all really hands on throughout the whole process of writing, producing and creating visuals. Being solo artists, we relished having partners in crime and having someone to bounce ideas off. We don’t all live in the same city, so this collab was the perfect excuse for us to hang out. 

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