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Ellis Evason Takes A Melodious Look On Life During ‘Night Shift’


“Every time you think Evason has outdone himself lyrically with a verse, he brings more and more energy in the next. This is what will make him so relatable to a wide audience.”

British musician Ellis Evason has been releasing Hip-Hop and Rap at its finest for three years now. We’ve seen the release of his 2021 debut studio album ‘Portrait of a Pig’, and now he’s bringing back the singles with an impressive track called ‘Night Shift’.

Evason doesn’t wait to bring this prominent energy we see continue throughout ‘Night Shift’. Instantly there is this dark imagery strongly resembling the night. The greatness of Ellis’ creative artistry begins to flow however when the lyrics come rolling in. ‘Your masters ain’t as good as my b-sides’, he raps and repeats with great effect.

His expertise in mixing and matching rhymes with flow is what makes the song so powerful. If you’ve listened to Evason before, then you know that he is not afraid to share his experiences with his music in the most intimate way possible, and when he fits powerful lyrics like ‘When I stare in the mirror the fella I see is ever so lifeless’ in ‘Night Shift’ we hear the mixture of natural talent and strategic writing the song is packed with even more.

Speaking of the meaning behind ‘Night Shift’, Ellis Evason says, “To me the track is mostly about burnout and pointless nights out in a small town. Towards the final section of the song, the lyrics focus on what the stereotypes of a “successful rapper”, are, often encouraging a lifestyle of braggadocious domination and violence. I’d like to believe that I don’t have to become a false persona for people to connect with my music and that’s something I really want to maintain off of the back of the first album and into the second.”

This initial energy brought intensifies towards the end. All the feelings get so much realer, the beat gets heavier. Everything intensifies until the music abruptly and monumentally stops. Such accurate production and introspective lyrics really got across Evason’s message of being his true self and not a false persona, and will no doubt inspire others to do the same.

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