Villeman Reflects On The Past And Glances At The Future On ‘Thirty Years’

“‘Thirty Years’ is one of those songs that captures you at the start, and then captivates you all the way to the end.

Switzerland-based pop, folk and grunge artist Villeman is back again with his fourth and final single of the year ‘Thirty Years’, where he wraps up his feelings in a melodious tune that has an admirably powerful chorus.

Firstly on ‘Thirty Years’, Villeman introduces his great guitar sequences and charming tones to his vocals. As listeners we are intrigued, and rightfully so, as the melody soon develops into something even more catchy as we head towards the chorus.

The second verse arrives with a heavier beat, subtly but effectively mixing up the texture of the instrumental. At this point we can tell Villeman is embracing the music more and more. Such impassioned vocals and a free-flowing instrumental lead up to a remarkable bridge.

Villeman has stated that ‘Thirty Years’ poses the question ‘What have you already achieved as a person at 30 and what is still to come?’. We can see this in the lyrics; for example the line ‘thirty years of collecting moments’ where Villeman alludes to reflecting on memories.

And I can’t end this review without discussing the emotion Villeman has wholeheartedly put into this song. Even if it is just the little things, like the emphasis he puts on the word ‘eyes’ in the line ‘don’t wanna close my eyes’ at the chorus, or how there are smooth shifts in the instrumental when an emotion connected to the ultimate question is altered or switched for another.

You can listen to the song here:

And here:


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