Falllift Find An Equilibrium On ‘Scale of life’

“falllift foreshadow the tones and qualities of their up and coming EP with the charming ‘Scale of Life’.”

So musician Steven Hall, from Adventure rock group Swim in the Wild, and independent artist MICVH have come together as the duo ‘falllift’. On the 23rd of October they proved their complimentary artistic qualities with a beautiful debut titled ‘Scale of Life’.

We hear Micah’s silken tones first, starring alongside an exquisite instrumental. She expressively sings the line ‘I wanna lay down and let it all spin’ before Steven then follows with ‘You wanna sit back and let it flow’, reflecting the mood.

In their press release for ‘Scale of Life’, it is said that Micah and Steven wrote the song “as an ode to finding balance – through experiences and those around you.”

In the perfectly acoustic chorus, certain lines or words are emphasised vocally to add that touch of feeling. This idea of balance previously mentioned then makes sense, lyrically and instrumentally. There’s this drive within the melody that puts forward the emotion, but also an appeasing attribute, all whilst the pair sing in unison ‘maybe the truth is in the middle’.

More and more harmonies lead the eloquent way falllift bring this melody to life, and then to a close.

You can listen to the song here:


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